Elizabeth Gaidos offers appraisal services, sales advisories, research and cataloging for collections, both private and public, as well as general consultations to help clients determine their requirements.


Research is conducted using the most recent sales database information as well as consultation with dealers, auction houses, and other experts when appropriate.

Documentation & Cataloging

Clients may ask to document and catalog the work(s) of art in their collection.  There are various reasons to do this, such as improving the written history and chain of ownership of the work(s) of art.

Appraisal Review

Review of prior appraisals can help clients, their fiduciary and legal representatives.  A new appraisal may not be required but a review for accuracy, completeness, and methodology of a prior appraisal is needed.



The client may want a consultation to assist them in clarifying how best to meet their needs, whether for an appraisal, a sales advisory, or other services.


Elizabeth Gaidos offers appraisal of works of art and consulting services to individuals, businesses, museums, galleries, legal, accounting and banking professionals. She appraises paintings, sculpture, prints, and drawings. She is very experienced in the appraisal of American and European art of the mid-nineteenth through the twentieth centuries.

She has experience working with museums and large private collections as well as individuals who require the appraisal
of a single work of art.

As a resident of the North Bay, Elizabeth Gaidos has offered clients appraisal and consulting services in Santa Rosa as well as in Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties since 2010. Arrangements may be made for clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

A professional appraiser and accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers since 2005, Elizabeth has over thirty years’ experience in the visual arts. She was a curator at museums in the Midwest and California including The Detroit Institute of Arts and the San Jose Museum of Art. She has also been employed as an interior designer, art consultant, and as a design librarian
for architecture firms.

Elizabeth Gaidos received the Master of Arts degree in the history of art from the Rackham Graduate School of the University of Michigan, where she also obtained her undergraduate degree in English language and literature. She studied interior design at San Francisco State University, and received appraisal training with the International Society of Appraisers, Chicago, Illinois.

The Process

  • Initial client contact

    Initial client contact

    In most cases, after an initial contact by email or telephone and discussion of the client’s requirements, an appointment is set for a personal inspection.

  • Personal inspection

    Personal inspection

    A visit is arranged to the client’s home or business to inspect the work(s) of art, make notes on condition, and take measurements and photographs. This is preliminary to an appraisal as well as to cataloging or collection documentation.

  • Written Report

    Written report

    Elizabeth Gaidos prepares her written appraisal reports to comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and the International Society of Appraisers Report Writing Standards. She also follows all applicable IRS guidelines.


  • J.F., Palo Alto, CA

    Elizabeth is prodigiously knowledgeable about furniture, interior design and art. She has managed my art collection and designed my home. She is highly educated and very intelligent.

  • R.B., Lakeport, CA

    Her extensive background in the Fine Arts has been immensely valuable to my company. I give Betsy Five Stars.

  • S.M., Irvine, CA

    She is very knowledgeable about research in general and particularly art history. She is always professional and a pleasure to work with.