Determining Your Appraisal Requirements:

Some of the most common reasons to obtain an appraisal are:


Non-cash donation to a qualifying charitable organization

Inheritance tax

Equitable distribution (for estate or divorce)

In addition, clients often seek an appraisal because they wish to know the fair market value of a work of art they have inherited or when they are contemplating a purchase or sale. Fair market value is also employed for donations of works of art. Insurance appraisals require a replacement value.

Other Services

The client may need organization or inventory of an existing collection, research or documentation, consultation on conservation. In addition, clients may require consultation on the purchase of a work of art or divestment of works of art from an existing collection.

  • Research
  • Documentation & Cataloging
    Documentation & Cataloging
  • Appraisal Review
    Appraisal Review
  • Consultation